• CocoFiji – Coconut Crunch – 700g

    Ingredients: 100% air dried Coconut Flesh


    Cocofiji coconut crunch is made after the pressing of the coconut oil. The oil is extracted using no bleaching or chemicals leaving a naturally occurring coconut flesh.

    The coconut flesh is an excellent source of dietary fibre and makes for a great addition to your breakfast. We have all come to know about the goodness of coconut oil and adding the crunch completes the fibre intake that one would get from eating a whole coconut. By adding Cocofiji coconut oil and Cocofiji coconut crunch to your breakfast bowl, not only are you adding the essential  Minerals and vitamins that coconuts provide, but you are also supporting village life in Fiji.
    As coconut trees typically grow near the ocean, the combination of salt water and rich volcanic soils of Fiji, create a product that his highly nutritious and a perfect start to your day.

    Cocofiji coconut crunch ticks all the boxes for a healthy start to your day. Rich in fibre and iron, enjoy its health benefits, while changing lives for the better in Fiji.

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