• Virgin Coconut Oil

    At CocoFiji, we make sure that you get the best out of what you buy. Our premium world-class Virgin Coconut Oil will impress you with its excellent health benefits. It is of the highest quality since we only extract the oil by hand in a most traditional way of raw cold pressing. We don’t source our coconuts from plantations that may use chemicals to promote faster fruit bearing; our coconuts are all collected from the vast wild islands of Fiji, all 100% natural. The oil is extracted right away within an hour after cracking a coconut without any bleaching, deodorising, or refining, done to make sure it is absolutely Extra Virgin Coconut oil. We are confident with our coconut product and guarantee customer satisfaction for every drop. Try for yourself and reap the wonders of this superfood, as it helps give you overall optimum health. Cocofiji has one of the highest percentages of Lauric acid as confirmed by our latest testing at 54%. Extra virgin coconut oil as Cocofiji has been linked to lowering bad cholesterol, helping to losing unwanted weight as it boosts the metabolism, improves the immune system, and has antimicrobial and antifungal properties keeping the nasties away.

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