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Virgin Coconut Oil, Wildly Sourced from Fiji

Sourced from the wild coconut trees of Vanua Levu and Taveuni in Fiji, our coconut oil is not only delicious but bursting with beautiful nutritional benefits for your whole body. Kept fresh in glass packaging, our oils give back to the environment and are 100% recyclable. We make sure to place our oil in jars within one hour of pressing, to ensure all the nutritional benefits are sealed in tight. Proud supporters of the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community, we know that each and every coconut we source is wild and completely organic – both for your health and for the local environment as a whole.  

Why is virgin coconut oil so brilliant?

Collected in its purest form – straight from the tree itself – our coconut oil is perfect to use for many purposes. As well as using it in the kitchen for shallow frying and in delicious baked treats, you can also add some oil into your beauty regime. Try lathering in your hair for a luxurious hair mask, or rub it into your body for all-over moisture. With no copra or harmful processes, each jar is a nutritious, cold-pressed, multi-use wonder.  

Our virgin oil is giving back to the community

Through Cocofiji, we have created a sustainable source of income for local communities. We are close with our Fijian neighbours, having loved our time in the island nation. Now, we want to give back to those who have welcomed us into their homes. An integral part of Fijian culture, coconuts have been part of the locals’ livelihood for years. We saw virgin oil as the perfect means to present business opportunities to local people, while still helping them retain their traditional way of life. To us, it does not make sense to industrialise the process. In other countries, the production mill means local people harvest their coconuts and are forced to sell them on to larger production companies overseas. At Cocofiji, we keep things simpler. Our sustainable business model means more people benefit - and we couldn’t have it any other way.


"Coconut oil has been described as the "World's Healthiest Dietary Oil". There is a mountain of historical evidence and medical research to verify this fact"
Bruce Fife
Certified nutritionist, Naturopathic doctor
President of Coconut Research Center